Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Our products for automatic sliding door consist of two types which are local manufacture by our own company and imported products,
made in Far East and European Origin. Both of them can be preferred by our clients.

Product Features

Martin Miller
Our company brand Martin Miller, which is part of Guney Kepenk Automatic Doors Systems has established in 2009 as a producer of rolling shutter spring and makes production and installation of automatic doors system.

Martin Miller targets sustainability its own success and growth for the future by keeping its developing as well.
Our company always use top quality products and equipment while producing the goods to our customers.

We have been always coming the quality together with professional staff and service manner for more than our 10 years’ experience.
We can produce almost all sizes based on our customer’s customization.
Range of the Products
We manufacture 4 kinds of automatic sliding doors that are one leaf (single door), double-leaf door, revolving door and hermetic sliding door.
All types of doors are able to be manufactured and assembled by our professional staff.
The sensors we use for automatic sliding doors can be preferred as infrared and microwave.
Areas of Usage
-Sites and Industrial Zone
-Villa and Apartment Complex
-Shopping Centers
-Hospitals and Hotels
-Universities and Modern Buildings